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Period Patterns™

Mediaeval Miscellanea has created copyrighted Period Patterns™ for sewing authentic period clothing.  The patterns, designed by professional costumers, are rigorously researched to ensure historical authenticity.  Each package includes complete, full sized cutting patterns in all sizes listed on the envelope (which permits easier custom fitting; sizes are based on standard commercial pattern sizes and can easily be scaled up or down to create additional sizes).  Detailed, fully illustrated, step-by-step sewing instructions are provided in addition to general instructions (seam finishes etc.), and most patterns include suggested pattern layout.

Each pattern package contains historical notes with illustrations from contemporary sources providing background information, as well as possible enhancements and variations.  On the back of the package additional important information is provided including garment description (with country and approximate dates where possible), sizing, notions and yardage requirements for each size and suggested fabric type for each garment.

We are not selling Period Patterns™ retail at this time.  A list of some of the many fine merchants who carry Period Patterns™ is provided on the retail ordering page.  We are always working on new patterns, and welcome any suggestions for future patterns as well as comments on our current ones.


Tell us what YOU think; and please, send us pictures!  We get a lot of people telling us at events how much they like our products, and yes, even suggesting improvements for the patterns.  And of course we seldom have pen and paper handy to write all these comments down.  We do receive comments by and even the occasional letter with comments (and photos).  Below are some of the things people have told or written to us.  We also have people coming to show us what they have made from our patterns, (or sending us pictures) the pictures are shown with the appropriate pattern.  Unfortunately, over the years the names of many of these people have gotten separated from the photos.  If you recognize someone in one of our photo galleries, please let us know who they are!
Comments we've received on our patterns:
  • Your patterns are what made our entry into the SCA so easy.”  Aldric of Stonebridge
  • Since I first discovered you over 15 years ago yours are the best period garb patterns I’ve seen!”  Shannon M
  • As a professional costumer I was quite impressed.”  Melissa W, Chicago, IL
  • We made your cotehardie for our 2nd event, & people thought we’d been in for years.  Our young friend made your patterns, & he had never sewn before.”  (We’ve lost the name of the person who said this.)
  • If you like to go to Renaissance Fairs, then you’ll love these medieval patterns.  Or if you just like history – you’ll find invaluable historical notes in Period Patterns.”  M. Ortega.
  • Let me say that I love your patterns.  The extensive articles, many annotated drawings, and sewing-for-dummies tips (like how to make bias) are all exactly what I need.  I have recently put up a web site for my 14th C. SCA stuff, and I make sure to plug your patterns wherever I used them.  I don’t know how many people take you up on your request to send you pictures, but please take a look at my site:”  Brian T, aka Charles Fleming
  • I have used your patterns before and they were really great but now they have been used so much that they are worn out.”  Maureen P, St. Johns, Newfoundland
  • I made this dress for the University of New Orleans Madrigal Dinners… I made the hat following the instructions I got from ya’ll…This was my first try at a costume like this, and I think it came out pretty well… I think I had the best-looking costume there!  I’m looking forward to trying some of ya’lls other patterns.  I also have plans for some other dresses.  Thanks.”  Carla P; (See her picture from pattern #51; we think it came out very well indeed!)
  • I chanced upon a few of your patterns for sale at a medieval faire and was more than impressed with the research and quality of them…because we insist upon a high standard in costume and armor, costume patterns the quality of yours are a valuable addition to our library.”  Damien F, Spring Hill, Australia
  • Let me add I am very pleased with the product you put out.  I have used your patterns in two different productions, Romeo and Juliet and The Lion in Winter.  They were most helpful in both.  I really like all the historical data you provide on the pattern sheets.”  Joy W, Corpus Christi, IN
  • My wife and I had the good fortune to purchase a few of your Period Patterns while visiting the U.S. last summer.  These patterns have created a great deal of interest within the local SCA membership and, somewhat surprisingly, from a number of fabric stores and sewing machine dealers in this area.”  Robert C, Waterloo, ON
  • Thanks for your creativity - love your patterns & the documentation.”  Jacki M, Anchorage, AK
  • I am writing to you to tell you that your patterns are fantastic!  A very good friend of mine has one of your patterns and he looks so good in it that I have to admit I was a tad bit jealous.”  Christine T, Ronkonkoma, NY
  • I am tremendously interested in the Middle Ages.  Your patterns have sparked all manner of curiosity in me – I would not part with them for the world, though others have enticed me to do so.”  Melanie L

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