MediaEval Miscellanea LLC

Mediaeval Miscellanea LLC.

Period Patterns™ for sewing authentic period clothing

Who We Are

Mediaeval Miscellanea was founded in 1982 by Coryn Weigle, who continues to own and run it. Coryn learned to sew at 4, making simple dresses for herself and her sister by age 8. Always attracted to the Middle Ages and Renaissance, she enjoyed reading and watching movies about Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, King Arthur, Robert the Bruce, and the like. In her early teens she joined her brother making and selling breads and jams at some of the earliest Renaissance Pleasure Faires of Southern California*. As vendors were required to be costumed, Coryn designed and sewed some for herself and her brother - looking back, those costumes weren’t the most accurate, but were no worse than many others at the faire!

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